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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 17, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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3 -3 you hearr jonathan right... a wintee storm is on tte way... and it could mean a lot of 3 work are overr.. the rraas - could be covered with snow. mmgan gilliland is livv from the salt yyrddto see how crews are trying to staa aheaddof it all. 3 good morning guys,wwile you miggt not seeeany flurries this morning... you coulddsee & some of these trucks on your way
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to work.crews will be out 3 now... hoping to stay aaead of thii storm. storm. 3 agaii... jonaahan is predicting theesnow to sttrt to aaling this afteennon.with much of the accumulation - hitttig us in late in the day and into evening hours.the bruut f it agaan, will be sooth of the city. 3 that's why the snowwand iie management association is seeding outtthese 10 tips on how to avood slips and falls... something wwth a tread 2-accessoriie to see and bee avoid the lare and right clothes so that drivers can see you3-plannahead4- make sure you can hear... traffic aad otter oises approaching you5-anticipate ice6- walk slowly up and ddwn staiis7- enter a building carefullyy.. ttere cculd be water and ice
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be careful shifting your to fall ii therr'ss ce bbneath &pthey're usually not cleared yet 10- look up &p3 pt sounds simple... but slips and falls in this kind of -3peather... accounts for more -3 than one million injuries across the u-s each yearrtake it easy out there ann bee - carefullremember you can get updatte on traffic and weather meganngillilann, fox45 morning news. 3 a naval academy professor is -3 accused of seeually assaulting a tudenttpolice say major mark thompssnnassaulted the femaleemidshipman aa his -33 apprttenn after a 011 ccoquet maach.thompsoo faces
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military hearing ann is accused of aggravated exual an officer. 3 an army priiate chargeddwith giving classified iiformation to theewikileaks -3&poutcome of his acciinss in a pretrial ruling -3& yesterday a mmlittry juuge ordered hat to convict ppivate braddey manning the materral e leaked ould 3 and defense attorneys must show thaa manning selectiveey leaked information that would not harm the u-s. 3 a maryland-based are asking a judge to dismiss a 60-million--oolar lawsuit filed by an american prisoner &pfiled in november accuses "development alternatties inc" of failing to prepare "alan gross" or tte work he was dding in thh couutry.. but lawyers for the compaay argue hat federal law bars -3&pthe lawssit nd the case should be dismiss. gross was arreeted in 20-099 -3 and sentenced to 15 years in jail ffr crimessagaanst the
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state. the f-a-a is grounning all of its boeing 7-8-7 dreamliners in the u-s... fixed batteey roblems. problems.since julyy.. there'' been a growing list of reported issues with he booing 7-887 inccuding crackee - engines, and a fuel leak. the -3 3 nnw jjrsey's famous getting a makeovvr just n pime for memorial day weekend. - after the sandy last octoberrthe city awarded a 3 oint 6 million dollar contract to start work onnthe mile long broadwalk. the ccntract onll covers parrt ffthe reconstruccion butt &pa futurr ccotract includes aa &pprotecttve sea wall. 3 nasa teams up with iis european counteepart... to & xplooe eep space. agency haa agreed to provide part of he spaceship foo the &pfirst orion spacecraft mission... which will carry pastronauts further innt space -3 than eeer beeore.thh gency & ill provide special equipment that will power the spacccraft
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and supply water aad oxyggn to the asttonnutt. "when we are ttlking about cooperation it is not juss beccuse of political reasons but we are looking for synergiis n technical, prograaattc way." -33 way." the orion mission will launch in 0-17. - 3 ff ou watched last week's game agginst the broncos... you know thatt he exxitement of a nail-biting pictory liie ttat... can bring outtthe best of our emotionn. &emotions.--screeming hold for ::8-- - 33 ttat's just one fan's reaction to a raven's touchdown. rachael latourno of bee air posted this video to youtube to shame her husband... and its since gone viral you an check it oot by going to fox baltimore-dot-com... and 3& section. &p3and we're folllwing
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ray's llst ride all the wwy to the --3 ssperdome n new orleans.see our storiee on theeravens 3&pinterviiws fom the players... pnd find othee web links by gginggto our website... &foxbbltimorr dot com. click on the "ray's last ride" banner on our homepage. &p3 ccminggup on the early aa ad... that theen-r-a releases early edition... coming up on the 3 coming up onnthe early edition... the n-r-a releases an ad... that targees president obama. obama."arr the president's kkds more important than yours?" yours?"the backlaah the spot -3 is facing... and how it could impaat thh gun control debate.
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3 & 3
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3 3 whaa's a weatherman to do hen hhs computer system crashes.... ell in -3 oklahoma one man uses cceativiiy and a piece of - papee. 3 "andrew kozak" was preparing for his morning show when hisscompuuerrblacked-out. improvisee....drawing the &pday'' weaaher rrahics...even downnto the -day foreeast. kozak evvn drew pictures of how he felt when - his computer went down. 3 ((2-shot toss to weather))
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3 ((ad lib meteorologist)))-- 3 ((traffic reporter ad llis)) map 40 liberty
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3 greenssrrng map 3 3 3 3
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3 pou can ggt your mornnng news - and weather... seven days a week right heee on fox45.foxx5 launnhes thisssaaurday. will be anchoredd - broadcaster marianne banisser &pand mmteorollgist tony pagnotti willlbring you the weather.the show premieres punday at 7 a-m..- 3 coming up... thh ravens & prepare for their rematch with 3 patriots.the team talks about phe road too edemption... 3 "i thought it was completely iiapproopiate to involve the - presidentts children. 3 an ad that taking aam... at controversial attempt... to draw more attention to the gun control debate. 3 ((break 2))
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3 3 & 3 president obaaa unveils new &pproposals aimed at targeting gun violence in of natiinaa rifle aasociation.but some, includinggmanyydemocrats in washington, are criticizing p ew n-r-a ad they say goes - too far.jim acosta reports. 3 3 mooe than 12 hours peforr presidenttobama and vice president biden unveeled & thhir ppoposals for gun cootrol...the nation's most poweeful ddvcate ffo the second amendment had already &plaunchee a pre-emptive strike.
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"are the president'' kidd ore important than 3 yyurs? then whyyisshe skeppiial about pputing armed 3 move to rally gun rights supporterrs the national rifle - ad...calling attention to the secret service ppotection -3 puurding thh president's daughter's malla and their private "protection for their kids. and gun free zznessfor ours." the spot... echoing the &pgroup's proposal for armed poliieeofficers n schooos & anotter remindee of the nra's harddaal tactics - aimed squarely at any gun coonrol measure to hii the halls of congress.but houue demmcrrticcleaaer nancy 3 philadelphia mayor michhel liie."i thooght it waa compleeeey inappropriate to children. thee have protection &pbeecuse of natiooal security. it was really inappropriate." reporter: ((do you thiik nra made a mistake there?")"it's just a disgrace."other hhuse -3 democrats said the ad amounteed
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to intimidation."we'rr dealing -& with people who aren't terribly stable so that kind of ad i think is dangerous."",3& "it was irresponsible know, this is not yourrgrandfathers nra."there was aaso outrage over at thee wwite house. "most americans agree that a presideet's pawns in a political fight," said press secrrtary jjy caaney, "but to go so far as 3 pressdeet's children the & subject of an attack ad is repugnanttand cowardly."n-r-a -3leaders are alss ratcheting up the rhetoric in an email to tthir members... saying "i warned you ttii ay was coming and now itts herre this is the 3 need you on board witt theenrr now more than ever."at his news conference, president obama innicated he new this was ccming.""hhs will be diffiiult. there will be speccal interesttlobbyists -3 publlcly warnnng of a tyrannical all out assaultton llberty."back at the capitol..janet robinnon.. the
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suueeintendent of the newtown school system saii she's not baaking down either.reporter: ("it's going to be tough isn't it for your side to prevail n -3 all of this?") "iim standing - here talkkng about children & and i have no issue at all with people's second amendment &prights. but i will tell you i have no locks, i haae nn artiffcial barriers i can put up to withstand an ar-15." 3 the nnr-a released a more toned down statement in respoose to the president obama's itt.. the n-r-a says they look forward -3&pto working with ccngress to finddreellsolluions to gun -3pioleece... but that "atttcking firearms aad pnswer. coming u in ur 6 o'clock hour... finning a placc to park... in canton. canton.the m-t-a- ppoject that -3 coold make the task... even & hardee. 3 they storred the court in college park.the last secood score... thht sealed their
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victtry ovee n-c state. &p33&p((breaa ))
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3- 3 coming up in our 6 o'clock & hour... an unconventional -3& way... to pay for college. & pollege.the schools where a & lot of female stuuents aree lookinn forr"sugar daddies".
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&33 on the way. 3 hit.. and how much you'll get in your neighborhooo. 3 23:12:33 can see this guy is a menace -3menace


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